2023 Fall Picture Schedule

Winter Haven Youth Soccer Pictures 2023

Pictures have been scheduled for October 21st. Please have your child arrive at designated time with their order form completed with exact change, check or credit card. Bishop Photo does not provide change at the shoot. Checks made payable to Bishop Photo.

Online ordering is now available through Bishop Photo. Please follow the instructions below.

Pre Order your Photos Online and Receive a FREE 8x10 Photo Calendar!

Go to www.bishopphoto.com

Click on the Pre-Order tab

Enter the code WHYSF23 where prompted

View the order form and place your order

Checkout using Visa, Master Card or Discover

Print your receipt and hand it to the photographer when your child gets his/her photo taken.

7:45 U15 Girls Purple Coach Rounds

7:45 U15 Girls Melon Coach Rounds

8:00 U12 Girls Columbia-Coach Cruz

8:00 U12 Green-Coach Redinbo

8:00 U12 Neon Yellow-Coach Rivera

8:00 U10 Red-Coach Rodriquez

8:15 U10 Orange-Coach Carter

8:15 U8 Flamingo-Coach Serrato

8:15 U8 Cobalt-Coach Aburto

8:15 U8 Mint - Coach Reitz

8:30 U8 Yellow-Coach Weeks

8:30 U6 Melon-Coach Rodriquez

8:30 U6 Maroon-Coach Lyons

8:30 U4 Mint-Coach St Eloi

8:40 U4 Gold-Coach Vargas

9:00 U4 Cobalt-Coach Leon

9:00 U4 Silver-Coach Nieto

9:00 U15 Lime Coach Villalbal

9:15 U8 Orange-Coach Dixon

9:15 U8 Purple-Coach Mahalak

9:15 U8 Girls Mint-Coach Leon

9:15 U8 Girls Pink-Coach Whitman

9:30 U6 Silver-Coach Rounds

9:30 U6 Red-Coach Bisque

9:30 U6 Orange-Coach Chartrand

9:30 U6 Neon Yellow-Coach Duncan

9:45 U12 Girls Pink-Coach Summerall

9:45 U12 Lime-Coach Magliano

9:45 U10 Neon Yellow-Coach String

9:45 U10 Mint-Coach Cecilia

10:00 U10 Girls Melon-Coach Rodriquez

10:00 U10 Girls Lime-Coach Odikpa

10:00 U10 Girls-Turquoise-Coach Garcia

10:15 U8 Girls Gold-Coach Eloi

10:15 U8 Girls Neon Blue-Coach Claytor

10:15 U8 Girls Purple-Coach Artega

10:15 U8 Girls Orange-Coach Angel

10:30 U6 Green-Coach Woolf

10:30 U6 Cobalt-Coach Claytor

10:30 U6 Flamingo-Coach Musick

10:30 U6 Purple-Coach Hamtaee

11:00 U15 Orange-Coach Schneider

11:00 U12 Cobalt-Coach Vasquez

11:00 U12 Girls Lime-Coach Rodriquez

11:00 U10 Lime-Coach McAdams

11:15 U10 Cobalt-Coach Martinez

11:15 U8 Red-Coach Williams

11:30 U8 Forest Green

11:30 U8 Maroon-Coach Casas

11:30 U8 White-Coach Turley

11:30 U8 Green-Coach Rosa

11:45 U6 Lime-Coach Cuozzo

11:45 U6 Mint-Coach Beltran

12:15 U8 Columbia-Coach Ortiz

12:15 U8 Neon Blue-Coach Roe

12:15 U8 Lime-Coach Marquez

12:15 U8 Green-Coach Rosa

12:45 U12 Columbia-Coach Perry

12:45 U12 Red-Coach Luvinano

12:45 U10 Maroon-Coach Mananroula

12:45 U10 Green-Coach Linville

1:15 U15 Silver-Coach RamirezĀ